The Queue

One of our most popular pages in all of our previous iterations was our Queue page, that showed what we were working on and the prospective due dates for said projects. Well, we’ll revive that here so you can see exactly what we’re doing and when we expect our new content to arrive. Enjoy!

  • Review: 24: The Game – mid-March
  • Review: Saitek Red Eclipse Keyboard – mid-March
  • Q&A w/ Mark Starrett of Saitek – posted 3/8/2006
  • Q&A – Gears of War – ?
  • Q&A – Rainbow Six: Vegas – ?
  • Review: Black – ?
  • Review: Jak X Racing (PS2) – late March
  • Impressions: WarPath MP Demo – ?
  • Review: Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter – late March
  • Review: Shadow of the Colossus – early April

As we knock things out, we’ll strike them through, meaning you can go to our Categories listing and find the reviews there (or by doing a site search).


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