Painkiller: Hell Wars Chat

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Want to fire off a few questions to the peeps at People Can Fly about their upcoming Xbox port of the popular FPS shooter Painkiller? Read on to find out just when that opportunity will arise:


DreamCatcher Games today announced that will be hosting a chat with People Can Fly, developers of the upcoming Xbox title “Painkiller: Hell Wars” on Tuesday, March 14th at 3:00pm EST / 12:00pm PST.

In “Painkiller: Hell Wars,” gamers play the role of Daniel Garner, who after an unfortunate car accident is trapped between Heaven and Hell. To escape purgatory and find his salvation, he must fight mobs of hellish monsters to stop an imminent Unholy War.

To access the Painkiller chat, you will need an IRC client ( Download and install the client and click on irc://

/Painkiller. As an alternative, the chat can be connected manually by using as the server and #Painkiller as the channel.

Painkiller: Hell Wars is planned for release on March 2006 and has an ESRB rating of “M” for Mature.


WarPath Factions Trailer

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Itching for some more in-game footage from DE and Groove Games’ upcoming sci-fi shooter WarPath? Click here for the WarPath Factions Trailer over at YouTube. Here’s some words to go along with the pretty pictures:

Choose Your Side Wisely In “WarPath’s” Epic Trinity War!

“WarPath” from Groove Games introduces three factions locked in a fierce battle for dominance of Kaladi, a planet rich in resources. Though very different needs draw the Ohm, Kovos and Humans to this valuable planet, they have one thing in common: the desire to gain control at any cost. Strategy and firepower are the only hope for each faction as they stake their claim in “WarPath’s” menacing sci-fi setting.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter launch trailer

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GRAW is due out March 9th, and tonight we have the official launch trailer. This game is coming out for multiple platforms, but it looks like the X360 version is going to be the flagship in this trifecta of tactical gaming goodness. Words, then linkage:

This final piece of official trailer goodness for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter lays it all out. Feast your eyes upon stunning in-game footage that will let you know exactly what to expect when you play Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. Amazing graphics, intense action, and amazing multiplayer gameplay…Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is ready to help usher in the next generation of gaming…in a big way. See what the critics are already saying about Ghost Recon Advanced…”Look upon this game and cry tears of joy!” Indeed.

Click here to check out the official GRAW launch trailer at YouTube. 

Rainbow Six: Vegas revealed

Posted in Gaming,Xbox by Shawn Wallace on 5 2006f March 2006

This article over at 1Up reveals the next title in the Rainbow Six series as Rainbow Six: Vegas. I’d give you a snippet from the article but it doesn’t reveal much more than this. Looks like this is due in stores in September. The article also features a single screenshot and a scan of the print mag that will reveal more info on Vegas later this year.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter golden

Posted in Gaming,PC,X360,Xbox by Shawn Wallace on 1 2006f March 2006

That’s right kids, she’s done and is off to manufacturing. Read on for more info and some brand spankin’ new screenies of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, the upcoming tactical shooter on the PC, Xbox and Xbox 360 from Ubisoft and Red Storm.


New And1 Streetball shots and info

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Not only do we have 26 new images for you today of the And1 Streetball game in development by Black Ops and Ubisoft, but we’ve got roster details as well. More info and all 26 images after the jump…


Interview: WarPath Q&A with Zandro Chan

Posted in Interview,PC,Xbox by Shawn Wallace on 27 2006f February 2006

Today we’ve got a quick Q&A with Zandro Chan, Senior Producer at Groove Games, about WarPath, the upcoming Sci-Fi shooter in development at Digital Extremes.

Gamingnext: Gamers know that WarPath is about three races at war with each other. Can you give us a little more detail behind the singleplayer storyline?

Zandro Chan: Well, the story takes place on the planet Kaladi, an extremely rich world in terms of resources and climate which the three races are fighting over. Basically you have your bad guys, the Ohm – half man, half machine – and they just want to bleed the planet dry of its resources to fuel themselves. Then you have the House of Kovos, neither good nor bad, who are protecting the planet because it’s a holy place for them. Then lastly you have the Humans, your good guys, who are unwittingly caught in the middle of a conflict they never saw coming and are basically just trying to survive.
As players near the end of the game the story takes a twist and a new enemy is introduced – ultimately it culminates in a unique ending for each of the races.


New WarPath trailer released

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What’s WarPath you ask? Check it out, and get some hot trailer action (and some linkage) after the jump!:

Three distinct races have converged in a virtual Eden, in the outermost reaches of the galaxy, each with a unique reason for settling this new world. Conflict is inevitable, victory is not.

EA to drop prices on current-gen games

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According to this article over at GameDaily, EA will be dropping the pricepoint for current-gen games from $49.99 to $39.99 due to lackluster sales. Dig it:

Two of EA’s most anticipated video games, The Godfather (March 14) and Black (February 28), will retail for $39.95 when they hit store shelves. This is a 20 percent discount on the typical $49.95 debut price, which should make a purchase more appealing to consumers. Many consumers have been sitting back, waiting for next-gen, but because of the Xbox 360 hardware shortages many customers have left stores empty handed, ignoring current-gen software in the process. This has made the console transition more difficult for many publishers in the industry, not just EA.

Personally, I am all over this. I was checking out Black on GameStop‘s website today and saw it was $39.99, and wondered if it was because of the platforms it was being released on. Looks like I was partially right.

Will this make a difference in what I buy? Absolutely, especially if other game pubs get on board with this pricing strategy. $49 versus $39 is a big difference to many gamer’s wallets (including this one). You can bet I’m pre-ordering Black at this price.

via EvilAvatar

Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 (Xbox)

Posted in Reviews,Sports,Xbox by Shawn Wallace on 4 2005f November 2005

For a long time golf was considered a boring, old man’s game, but in the 90’s Tiger Woods shattered that entire image. Since then many young people are flocking to the sport, as well as snatching up copies of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise for the past few years.


Review: NHL 06 (Xbox)

Posted in Reviews,Sports,Xbox by Shawn Wallace on 6 2005f October 2005

Out of all the professional sports, in the United States hockey has always been behind baseball, football and basketball. But after the NHL got its punishment for being greedy by being grounded for 16 months, they’re looking to attract more fans and make the game more enjoyable for the casual hockey watcher. New rules, such as no more games ending in ties, but instead shootouts, is just one of the few things that the NHL is doing to make the game more attractive. So to go along with all the new excitement about hockey and the NHL, EA Sports has added a plethora of new things to its NHL 06 franchise.


Review: NASCAR 06 Total Team Control (Xbox)

Posted in Racing,Reviews,Xbox by Shawn Wallace on 25 2005f September 2005

How large is the NASCAR fan base that plays video games? Is it worth it to put in the effort if only a select few are going to pick it up? Obviously the lowest tier on the EA Sports title list, the company is hoping to attract more than just NASCAR fans with its latest title, NASRCAR 06: Total Team Control. And they actually might. The game is not a glorified Project Gotham Racing or Gran Turismo type game, the developers are trying to replicate the NASCAR experience as much as they can, and for the most part they succeed.


Review: Darkwatch (Xbox)

Posted in Action,Reviews,Xbox by Shawn Wallace on 21 2005f September 2005

For the first person shooter genre of video games, almost every idea has been created. From James Bond to killing aliens or monsters to blasting away soldiers in war, it would be hard to come up with something fresh and creative. So with that in mind, the folks at High Moon Studios along with Capcom created its new first person shooter with a bit of everything that gamers have grown to love about the genre.


Review: Burnout Revenge (Xbox)

Posted in Gaming,Racing,Reviews,Xbox by Shawn Wallace on 20 2005f September 2005

Last year Burnout 3: Takedown blasted onto the racing game scene on consoles, bringing with it might and mayhem. From the  rocketship-paced racing to the incredible crashes, Takedown firmly planted itself near the crown of arcade racers.  Then, just a couple months back, Takedown’s angry red-headed stepchild, Burnout Revenge, began making waves. Talk of  tracks made for battle, bigger crashes, faster cars, more blood… it’s everything a fan of Takedown could imagine.  But, Takedown left behind some mighty big shoes to fill. Can Revenge live up to the hype?


Review: Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition (Xbox)

Posted in Racing,Reviews,Xbox by Shawn Wallace on 30 2005f June 2005

Midnight Club 2 was a fun arcade racer with fake cheesy car names like “Cochete” and “Diablo” and limited upgrade ability. With Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition, all that changes. Rockstar Games tapped DUB Magazine to take center stage in this edition of the game, helping them get more than 60 licensed vehicles and the ability to “pimp” them with real off-market auto parts. This has to be one of the deepest arcade racers on the market. (more…)

Review: Doom 3 (Xbox)

Posted in Action,Reviews,Xbox by Shawn Wallace on 26 2005f April 2005

Although some hardcore fans may disagree, the original Doom on Playstation is really what got gamers interested in first-person shooters (FPS). First person shooters were already popular on PC with Castle Wolfenstein 3D and Doom after that, but when Doom hit the console in the mid 90’s that’s when things changed. Since then, there have been many incarnations of the first-person shooter from the likes of Duke Nuke Em’, Goldeneye, Halo, Deus Ex and Chronicles of Riddick, each FPS has outdone the previous. Now does Doom 3, one of the originators of the FPS genre bring anything new to the table? Not necessarily.


Review: Jade Empire (Xbox)

Posted in Reviews,RPG,Xbox by Shawn Wallace on 25 2005f April 2005

It’s been in development for years and it’s been talked about even longer. Most gamers were sick of seeing that same trailer over and over again wishing the game would just come out. Well, Jade Empire is finally here and next to the Final Fantasy series has the potential to be one of the best role playing games ever.


Review: Brothers in Arms (Xbox)

Posted in Action,Reviews,Xbox by Shawn Wallace on 7 2005f March 2005

Gearbox software, a little known developer with its roots in porting games, explodes into the limelight with their first original title, Brothers in Arms.  Brothers in Arms is a tactical first person shooter which takes place in the initial days of the Omaha beach landing.  The game follows an elite group of paratroopers through 8 days of intense fighting across the countryside of Normandy.  The inclusion of squad commands and effective fire and maneuver tactics sets this title ahead of the competition to produce something entirely unique, original, and satisfying.


Review: Mercenaries (Xbox)

Posted in Action,Reviews,Xbox by Shawn Wallace on 20 2005f January 2005

Pandemic Studios has shown that they know how to make a gratifying game. From the Battlezone titles to Full Spectrum Warrior, they’ve exhibited skill and knowledge in creating fresh, fun, playable products. So, if you haven’t played Mercenaries yet and you want to get your hopes up… go ahead. It’s good, dirty fun.


Review: Rallisport Challenge 2 (Xbox)

Posted in Racing,Reviews,Xbox by Shawn Wallace on 4 2004f June 2004

Not only does this game shine in the single player aspect but online play, supported by Microsoft’s Xbox Live online service, gives extended life to this title and makes it a must have for racing game aficionados. “Microsoft made a very smart move in releasing RSC2 as an Xbox-only title. Not only does this game shine in the single player aspect but online play, supported by Microsoft’s Xbox Live online service, gives extended life to this title and makes it a must have for racing game aficionados.


Interview: Gabe Newell of Valve Software

Posted in Interview,PC,Xbox by Shawn Wallace on 26 2003f August 2003

With the announcement that Half-Life 2 will be available September 30, 2003, we took the time to speak with Valve Software’s own Gabe Newell. “Recently we were afforded the privilege of speaking with Gabe Newell, Valve Software’s Managing Director and head of the Half Life 2 project. We fired off a few quick questions to him concerning Source, the engine powering Half Life 2, and what we can expect from it.

Gamingnext – After all of the movies, both engine/tech oriented and pure gameplay, that came from E3 it’s safe to say that all of the gaming world is now clamoring for Half-Life 2. Can you tell us a bit about the technology used to power HL2?

Gabe Newell – I did a presentation on the engine for Vivendi a little while back. It was about 100 pages long, and we got through it in about 4 hours. I’m not sure really how to condense that all down, but I’ll try. We usually break it down into humans, graphics, interactivity, and AI. Now obviously there’s overlap. For example there’s a special shader for people’s teeth. That could go in the graphics section or the humans section. There’s a lot of intelligence in moving creatures over an LOD mesh – so is that AI, interactivity, or graphics? You get the idea.