Mario Race

Posted in Gaming,Vintage by Shawn Wallace on 4 2006f March 2006

Here’s a fun one for you to check out this Saturday. A couple guys race each other in Super Mario Brothers at what looks to be some sort of LAN event. Anyway, here’s some notes from the video:

Jeff Ninneman and Jason Harmer race to finish Super Mario Brothers on NES, circa 2002. No emulators were used.

Watch Ninneman’s screen (left) for an amazing jump at the beginning of Lvl 8-2. Harmer opts out of attempting it.

Harmer’s all-time SMB record: 5:09
Ninneman’s all-time SMB record: 5:11

You can tell they fool around a little bit in this one for the talent show, so it’s just around 6 minutes.

Left Screen/Mario:     Jeff Ninneman
Right Screen/Luigi:     Jason Harmer