Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 (Xbox)

Posted in Reviews,Sports,Xbox by Shawn Wallace on 4 2005f November 2005

For a long time golf was considered a boring, old man’s game, but in the 90’s Tiger Woods shattered that entire image. Since then many young people are flocking to the sport, as well as snatching up copies of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise for the past few years.



Review: NHL 06 (Xbox)

Posted in Reviews,Sports,Xbox by Shawn Wallace on 6 2005f October 2005

Out of all the professional sports, in the United States hockey has always been behind baseball, football and basketball. But after the NHL got its punishment for being greedy by being grounded for 16 months, they’re looking to attract more fans and make the game more enjoyable for the casual hockey watcher. New rules, such as no more games ending in ties, but instead shootouts, is just one of the few things that the NHL is doing to make the game more attractive. So to go along with all the new excitement about hockey and the NHL, EA Sports has added a plethora of new things to its NHL 06 franchise.