Q&A w/ Mark Starrett of Saitek

Posted in Gaming,Hardware,Interview by Shawn Wallace on 7 2006f March 2006

Tonight we’ve got a fine interview with Mark Starrett of Saitek, talking about present and future products, and what’s next for this PC gaming controller developer. Check it:

Gamingnext – Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Mark Starrett – I’ve been the U.S. Marketing Manager for four years, and came to Saitek nine years ago to launch our line of PC Game controllers. I came to Saitek because I’m a gamer at heart, and so is Saitek. My favorites are combat flight simulations, and head-to-head dogfighting. In what spare time there is left, I enjoy motorcycle sport-touring.



More Microsoft Origami info

Posted in Gaming,Hardware,Next by Shawn Wallace on 2 2006f March 2006

We fired off a few questions to the peeps handling the Microsoft Origami, but instead got some different questions and answers sent back to us. Our questions were gaming-related, but the following questions and answers are pretty general. Here’s what they had to say:

Q: Everyone expected you to make an announcement today. What gives?

A: We have not announced any intention of making an announcement today. The site invited visitors to “learn more” on March 2nd, but we never intended to make any announcements today.

Q: When can we expect to hear more?

A: We will have more information to share on March 9. Please stay tuned!

Q: So if we check back, will it be the same teaser-type message, or will you really make an announcement?

A: While we are not sharing details of our news on March 9th, we can tell you that we expect to share significant information about Origami on this date.

Q: Will Origami become a separate sku in the Windows Vista timeframe?

A: Origami machines will run Windows Vista after the OS launches later this year. However, they will not be a separate sku and we do not have any details to share regarding what Windows Vista features will be available on the devices.

Q: Will Origami machines run Windows Vista?

A: Although some Origami machines will run Windows Vista after the OS launches, we don’t have any details to share regarding what Windows Vista features will be available on the devices.

Review: D-Link DGL-4300 108G Wireless Gaming Router (HW)

Posted in Gaming,Hardware,Reviews by Shawn Wallace on 7 2005f July 2005

In working for a large regional ISP, I’ve done many installs of SOHO-type wireless networks. I also have one at home as well and consistently use my laptop from the easy chair to do this and that; my wife’s desktop, because it’s on the other side of the house (and because we have an older home and wired networking just wasn’t practical), is also connected wirelessly. So, when I heard that D-Link had produced a gaming-specific router, and with all the PC gaming and Xbox Live gaming done from home, I had to check this unit out. I can tell you outright I was not disappointed.


Review: Saitek R440 Racing Wheel (HW)

Posted in Hardware,Reviews by Shawn Wallace on 10 2003f November 2003

If you’d like to experience some all-out racing, you needn’t visit your local raceway and pay $500 or $1000 for a four-hour ‘Real Life’ race experience. All you need is a racing game and the Saitek R440 Racing Wheel by Saitek. It’s as good as it gets.    “Final lap. You’re buzzing around Talladega speedway, a single stock car in front of you. As you pass the start/finish line for the next to last time you begin to work your magic to make your move. You ease the wheel back and forth, very slight movements, to try and catch that draft off of your opponent. You ease up behind him, hoping to throw some dirty air his way and get him loose so you can slingshot around him. You give his rear bumper a love tap which you feel up through the steering wheel. He has to be intimidated at this point.