Top Spin 2 for the Nintendo DS

Posted in Gaming,NDS by Shawn Wallace on 3 2006f March 2006

We don’t normally just make general posts about games, but this is an exception. I was such a huge fan of Top Spin on the Xbox (especially playing over Live) that I had to get this out there. Slated for an April 3 release, Top Spin 2 will be coming to the Nintendo DS. You don’t even have to like tennis (or sports games, for that matter) to be interested in this title as the production values on Top Spin were top notch, so I have high hopes for this game.

When this game came out, I could count on at least three friends being ready and willing to play this game over Live at any time, and not because they were hardcore gamers. It was simply that this game was so easy to step into. The learning curve was shallow, but mastery takes time.

Get all the ordering details over at GameStop.


Review: Mario Kart DS (NDS)

Posted in NDS,Racing,Reviews by Shawn Wallace on 26 2006f February 2006

What happens when Nintendo ports one of their most popular franchises to their DS handheld with all the game modes you know and love, old and new tracks AND includes support for wi-fi connectivity? Perhaps one of the best handheld gaming experiences out there.


Tetris DS game modes revealed

Posted in Games,NDS,Next by Shawn Wallace on 23 2006f February 2006

The six game modes that will be featured in the Nintendo DS version of Tetris have been revealed and they sound great! Check it out:

# Touch: This unique take on Tetris really shows off the touch-screen capability of Nintendo DS. Players use a stylus to drag and move Tetriminos in a giant stack to make them fall into horizontal lines. In early levels, they can tap Tetriminos to spin them just the way they need them. Players have as much time as they need to carefully plan their moves, so it plays very differently from the other frantic modes.

# Standard: This Mario-themed mode features the same addictive game play that made the original Tetris so wildly popular. Players guide falling Tetriminos and form horizontal lines to clear them away. Mario runs around Super Mario Bros. levels in the background.

# Catch: In this Metroid-themed mode, players guide a flying block through Metroid-infested levels and seek out falling Tetriminos. Players can spin and maneuver their block to catch falling Tetriminos and create a 4×4 square. Once they do that, the block will explode in all directions and earn points.

# Puzzle: Players solve tricky Tetris puzzles at their own pace using just the Tetriminos provided. Players tap the orientation they want to use and then the Tetrimino will automatically fall into place. There are more than 50 puzzles for players to complete in all.

# Push: The goal of this mode is to clear two lines at a time to move the screen down and push opponents into the red zone. Players just can’t let their own blocks build up too high, or it’s game over. Players also can play this mode with another player using DS Download Play.

# Mission: In this Legend of Zelda®-themed mode, players have to complete the missions that appear on the top screen before time runs out. If they don’t complete it before time runs out, a heap of new blocks will appear on their screen. If they let blocks stack up to the top of the screen, the game is over.