About Us was founded in Fall 2001 by Shawn Wallace. Shawn had successfully launched and maintained several FPS map review sites, such as The Quake Industrial Complex and Shawn was also employed by for a couple years until the dot bomb hit, shutting down as we know it.

After the dot bomb, Shawn decided it was time to venture forth on his own and founded Focusing on video game news and reviews (mind you, this was a hobby site), once broke into the top 300,000 in Alexa’s web search, with less than 5 hours a week being put into the site’s development.

With some recent ventures now past, has been relaunched to focus on future gaming gadgets while keeping its funk and style in regards to game news and reviews.


Our staff consists of the following members:

  • Shawn Wallace – owner, operator, goofball extraordinaire
  • Quibian Salazar-Moreno – Quibian runs Q’s Views, a successful portal for his various columns and writings.
  • Ian White – easily the best Halo 2 player I’ve ever seen, Ian is our self-proclaimed Xbox fanboy and master of the console FPS.


I’ve had a few of our loyal readers ask, “why have you moved to a blog-style format?” The simple answer is, more exposure. We’re by no means a network site. We could be called a hobby site, but we enjoy games and gaming, and want to give our readers fair and balanced gaming reviews.

With today’s “network” of RSS and blog notification systems, we’ve found that, for our current size, using a blog format gets us into the cracks we probably wouldn’t get into if we were going for a bigger, network-style website.


How do we calculate our reviews? We rate the game in Gameplay, Story, Sound, Graphics and Multiplayer, then average our score and place it into one of three categories:

  • BUY IT (70-100) – If a game falls into this scoring range, we consider it a title worthy of purchase as it will offer either a) a truly unique and/or fulfilling gaming experience, or b) solid replay value.
  • RENT IT (60-69) – If a game falls into this scoring range, it’s not quite of enough quality to warrant a purchase, but you would definitely get your money’s worthy by renting the game.
  • SKIP IT (00-59) – If a game falls into this scoring range, it’s a stinker, and not worthy of your time.

Please understand the final score is NOT an average, but is based on an average, and then adjusted by the reviewer if necessary to more closely reflect the game’s rating.


Absolutely! But first, you must submit at least three sample articles and link us to at least one article online that you’ve produced. Your work will be analyzed and, if accepted, you can begin reviewing for us. We do our best to send you free games for review when we can, but we are still a small site and often have to buy our own games for review. We also have a preset review outline that you will need to follow so your reviews stay in accordance with the reviews already published.


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  1. […] We’re getting ready to move to new hosting and get our new CMS installed (which will be based on WordPress) so, in the interim, we’ve simply grabbed some temp hosting here at Over the coming days our old review database will be imported into this one (we’ve got goods dating back to 2002!) so all of our articles should be online within a week. We’ll then start focusing on our new direction (check out the About Us link for more details) but we’ll keep posting up product reviews as we always have, so no worries there. […]

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