Interview: WarPath Q&A with Zandro Chan

Posted in Interview,PC,Xbox by Shawn Wallace on 27 2006f February 2006

Today we’ve got a quick Q&A with Zandro Chan, Senior Producer at Groove Games, about WarPath, the upcoming Sci-Fi shooter in development at Digital Extremes.

Gamingnext: Gamers know that WarPath is about three races at war with each other. Can you give us a little more detail behind the singleplayer storyline?

Zandro Chan: Well, the story takes place on the planet Kaladi, an extremely rich world in terms of resources and climate which the three races are fighting over. Basically you have your bad guys, the Ohm – half man, half machine – and they just want to bleed the planet dry of its resources to fuel themselves. Then you have the House of Kovos, neither good nor bad, who are protecting the planet because it’s a holy place for them. Then lastly you have the Humans, your good guys, who are unwittingly caught in the middle of a conflict they never saw coming and are basically just trying to survive.
As players near the end of the game the story takes a twist and a new enemy is introduced – ultimately it culminates in a unique ending for each of the races.

GNX: What did you learn from Pariah that’s going to help you in developing WarPath?

ZC: With Pariah we saw an extremely positive response toward the multiplayer component of the game, we wanted to tap into that same vein and really turn it up a notch. If Pariah showed us anything, it was that players can’t get enough of taking the battle online against other players.

GNX: What’s the scoop on multiplayer? I assume deathmatch and CTF will be there; any new MP types for gamers to look forward to? Will the singleplayer storyline affect multiplayer in any way?

ZC: Deathmatch and CTF will of course be there plus a few others to fill out the multiplayer experience. As for the singleplayer, beyond the story and turn based strategy elements, it will be a much needed training ground for players to fine tune their skills for the online battles.

GNX: What’s WarPath going to have that other current-gen shooters won’t?

ZC: WarPath is going to have an unmatched level of speed and intensity rarely seen previously on any console. Players will be able to run faster, jump higher, fly farther, that coupled with a diverse set of upgradeable weapons allowing for an extremely wide range of play styles is really going to knock gamers for a loop.

GNX: When can we expect to see WarPath make the jump to next-gen consoles?

ZC: There were a number of features that we wanted to have make it into the final game, but like all projects certain things get dropped along the way, some for the better, and others… Well, let’s just say there are places we’d love to take WarPath and one of them is to the 360, there is still plenty left to explore there.

GNX: What’s rockin’ your iPod right now?

ZC: Right now I’ve got “Air-Moon Safari” from France, “Tomoyasu Hotei – Electric Samurai” from Japan and Robert Rodriguez’s “Sin City” soundtrack from the US in the rotation.

Be sure and check out this WarPath trailer for some in-game footage as well.


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