Posted in Blog,Next by Shawn Wallace on 25 2006f February 2006

My first official blog post here at our temporary home. Just in case you’re one of the publishers or developers we work with, snooping around trying to find out what’s going on, here’s the scoop:

We’re getting ready to move to new hosting and get our new CMS installed (which will be based on WordPress) so, in the interim, we’ve simply grabbed some temp hosting here at Over the coming days our old review database will be imported into this one (we’ve got goods dating back to 2002!) so all of our articles should be online within a week. We’ll then start focusing on our new direction (check out the About Us link for more details) but we’ll keep posting up product reviews as we always have, so no worries there.

We’ve got some talented people working behind the scenes (and in front of the scenes as well, if that’s how it’s put), so I’m looking forward to moving onward and upward. As always, should you wish to contact us, feel free to do so by heading over to our contact page.

So, what’s on the immediate horizon for us? A couple Q&A’s and a review of the Saitek Red Eclipse keyboard (which I’m using right now to type this up; I know you were dying to know that). Stick around, things are just about to get interesting.

(I use parentheses alot, don’t I?)


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  1. I for one am waiting for your main site to get back up. You’ve one of the best reviews around, and I’m surprised why this blog is’nt featured on the so-called fastest growing blogs list on our Dashboards.

  2. dice, thanks for the comment. That’s very kind. I appreciate it!

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