EA to drop prices on current-gen games

Posted in Biz,GCN,PS2,Xbox by Shawn Wallace on 22 2006f February 2006

According to this article over at GameDaily, EA will be dropping the pricepoint for current-gen games from $49.99 to $39.99 due to lackluster sales. Dig it:

Two of EA’s most anticipated video games, The Godfather (March 14) and Black (February 28), will retail for $39.95 when they hit store shelves. This is a 20 percent discount on the typical $49.95 debut price, which should make a purchase more appealing to consumers. Many consumers have been sitting back, waiting for next-gen, but because of the Xbox 360 hardware shortages many customers have left stores empty handed, ignoring current-gen software in the process. This has made the console transition more difficult for many publishers in the industry, not just EA.

Personally, I am all over this. I was checking out Black on GameStop‘s website today and saw it was $39.99, and wondered if it was because of the platforms it was being released on. Looks like I was partially right.

Will this make a difference in what I buy? Absolutely, especially if other game pubs get on board with this pricing strategy. $49 versus $39 is a big difference to many gamer’s wallets (including this one). You can bet I’m pre-ordering Black at this price.

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