Xbox 360… crossover? Straight-through? Doesn’t matter!

Posted in Gaming,X360 by Shawn Wallace on 28 2006f February 2006

According to this blog post, the Xbox 360 auto-senses whether you’re using a crossover or straight-through ethernet cable and adjusts accordingly. No more wondering if that 150 foot cable for your upcoming LAN party needs to be ended one way or another. Sweet!


Interview: WarPath Q&A with Zandro Chan

Posted in Interview,PC,Xbox by Shawn Wallace on 27 2006f February 2006

Today we’ve got a quick Q&A with Zandro Chan, Senior Producer at Groove Games, about WarPath, the upcoming Sci-Fi shooter in development at Digital Extremes.

Gamingnext: Gamers know that WarPath is about three races at war with each other. Can you give us a little more detail behind the singleplayer storyline?

Zandro Chan: Well, the story takes place on the planet Kaladi, an extremely rich world in terms of resources and climate which the three races are fighting over. Basically you have your bad guys, the Ohm – half man, half machine – and they just want to bleed the planet dry of its resources to fuel themselves. Then you have the House of Kovos, neither good nor bad, who are protecting the planet because it’s a holy place for them. Then lastly you have the Humans, your good guys, who are unwittingly caught in the middle of a conflict they never saw coming and are basically just trying to survive.
As players near the end of the game the story takes a twist and a new enemy is introduced – ultimately it culminates in a unique ending for each of the races.


Review: Mario Kart DS (NDS)

Posted in NDS,Racing,Reviews by Shawn Wallace on 26 2006f February 2006

What happens when Nintendo ports one of their most popular franchises to their DS handheld with all the game modes you know and love, old and new tracks AND includes support for wi-fi connectivity? Perhaps one of the best handheld gaming experiences out there.



Posted in Blog,Next by Shawn Wallace on 25 2006f February 2006

My first official blog post here at our temporary home. Just in case you’re one of the publishers or developers we work with, snooping around trying to find out what’s going on, here’s the scoop:

We’re getting ready to move to new hosting and get our new CMS installed (which will be based on WordPress) so, in the interim, we’ve simply grabbed some temp hosting here at Over the coming days our old review database will be imported into this one (we’ve got goods dating back to 2002!) so all of our articles should be online within a week. We’ll then start focusing on our new direction (check out the About Us link for more details) but we’ll keep posting up product reviews as we always have, so no worries there.

We’ve got some talented people working behind the scenes (and in front of the scenes as well, if that’s how it’s put), so I’m looking forward to moving onward and upward. As always, should you wish to contact us, feel free to do so by heading over to our contact page.

So, what’s on the immediate horizon for us? A couple Q&A’s and a review of the Saitek Red Eclipse keyboard (which I’m using right now to type this up; I know you were dying to know that). Stick around, things are just about to get interesting.

(I use parentheses alot, don’t I?)

Call of Duty 2 updates

Posted in Gaming,PC,X360 by Shawn Wallace on 24 2006f February 2006

Straight from Infinity Ward:

Call of Duty Community:

As you recall, back in December, we announced plans to incorporate Punkbuster, as well as offer some MP maps to the PC version for Call of Duty 2. We’re happy to report that this PC update is currently in testing and all is going well. In fact, we are testing these now and will be releasing them soon, so stay tuned. With regards to the update, here are a few things to look forward to:

* Punkbuster functionality
* Two new multiplayer maps.
* HTTP redirect in multiplayer, which adds an option for modders to send players to an external website to download their maps and mods.
* Repair of multiplayer exploits and minor bug fixes

We’re also putting finishing touches on the map editing tools for the game and will have those out very soon as well.

On the Xbox 360 side, we’re also happy to tell you that we’re very close to releasing our second Title Update, improving the Xbox Live multiplayer functionality. Here’s what’s coming in that update:

1. Player Lag has been addressed
2. Private Game Lobbies / Reserved Slots
3. Enable Live Host to set custom game options
4. Map Preferences setting
5. Post Game Lobbies (players at end of match will return to lobby)
6. Enemy Player Name Notification
7. Kick Player (host ability)
8. Lobby Game Type, Map and Host Notification

Again, thank you for your support…and stay tuned for future updates!

– Infinity Ward

TimeShift weapons feature

Posted in Gaming,PC by Shawn Wallace on 23 2006f February 2006

Some new information regarding the weapons in the upcoming FPS TimeShift has been revealed, so read on to check out some screens and details.


This small caliber one-handed pistol has excellent accuracy at all distances in primary fire mode. The primary mode shoots individual bullets with a zero blast radius and medium shot power. The ammo cartridges are small, so frequent reloading is required. Due to the small size of the cartridges, you can carry a large amount of spare ammunition. Alt-fire mode is rapid but less accurate and uses ammunition much more quickly than the primary mode.


Tetris DS game modes revealed

Posted in Games,NDS,Next by Shawn Wallace on 23 2006f February 2006

The six game modes that will be featured in the Nintendo DS version of Tetris have been revealed and they sound great! Check it out:

# Touch: This unique take on Tetris really shows off the touch-screen capability of Nintendo DS. Players use a stylus to drag and move Tetriminos in a giant stack to make them fall into horizontal lines. In early levels, they can tap Tetriminos to spin them just the way they need them. Players have as much time as they need to carefully plan their moves, so it plays very differently from the other frantic modes.

# Standard: This Mario-themed mode features the same addictive game play that made the original Tetris so wildly popular. Players guide falling Tetriminos and form horizontal lines to clear them away. Mario runs around Super Mario Bros. levels in the background.

# Catch: In this Metroid-themed mode, players guide a flying block through Metroid-infested levels and seek out falling Tetriminos. Players can spin and maneuver their block to catch falling Tetriminos and create a 4×4 square. Once they do that, the block will explode in all directions and earn points.

# Puzzle: Players solve tricky Tetris puzzles at their own pace using just the Tetriminos provided. Players tap the orientation they want to use and then the Tetrimino will automatically fall into place. There are more than 50 puzzles for players to complete in all.

# Push: The goal of this mode is to clear two lines at a time to move the screen down and push opponents into the red zone. Players just can’t let their own blocks build up too high, or it’s game over. Players also can play this mode with another player using DS Download Play.

# Mission: In this Legend of Zelda®-themed mode, players have to complete the missions that appear on the top screen before time runs out. If they don’t complete it before time runs out, a heap of new blocks will appear on their screen. If they let blocks stack up to the top of the screen, the game is over.

New WarPath trailer released

Posted in Games,Next,PC,Xbox by Shawn Wallace on 22 2006f February 2006

What’s WarPath you ask? Check it out, and get some hot trailer action (and some linkage) after the jump!:

Three distinct races have converged in a virtual Eden, in the outermost reaches of the galaxy, each with a unique reason for settling this new world. Conflict is inevitable, victory is not.

The Hip-Hop Gaming League is born

Posted in Gaming by Shawn Wallace on 22 2006f February 2006

You’re probably laughing at me right now. “Hip-Hop Gaming League?” Yes. Not only that, Da Commissioner is none other than Snoop Dee Oh Double Gee. You can visit the official HHGL homepage here. Here’s the scoop on what they’re all about:

LOS ANGELES (Feb. 15, 2006) Promising to “change the face of sports and video gaming forever,” entertainer Snoop Dogg today announced the formation of the Hip-Hop Gaming League, a new sports organization melding two of his favorite interests.


Win a copy of Full Auto!

Posted in Gaming,General,X360 by Shawn Wallace on 22 2006f February 2006

That’s right! All you have to do is head over to our partner site,, and post your Gamertag in the comments to this news post. That same post has all the details in regards to rules, who’ll win, my hair color, etc. The winner will get a copy of Full Auto for free! Note that this is an Xbox 360 game, so if you don’t have a 360 and don’t plan on getting one, this contest isn’t for you. Sorry. HOWEVER… keep checking back with as we’ll be having a little diddy of a contest ourselves to celebrate our relaunch. You won’t wanna miss it!

What are you doing still reading? Get clicking!

EA to drop prices on current-gen games

Posted in Biz,GCN,PS2,Xbox by Shawn Wallace on 22 2006f February 2006

According to this article over at GameDaily, EA will be dropping the pricepoint for current-gen games from $49.99 to $39.99 due to lackluster sales. Dig it:

Two of EA’s most anticipated video games, The Godfather (March 14) and Black (February 28), will retail for $39.95 when they hit store shelves. This is a 20 percent discount on the typical $49.95 debut price, which should make a purchase more appealing to consumers. Many consumers have been sitting back, waiting for next-gen, but because of the Xbox 360 hardware shortages many customers have left stores empty handed, ignoring current-gen software in the process. This has made the console transition more difficult for many publishers in the industry, not just EA.

Personally, I am all over this. I was checking out Black on GameStop‘s website today and saw it was $39.99, and wondered if it was because of the platforms it was being released on. Looks like I was partially right.

Will this make a difference in what I buy? Absolutely, especially if other game pubs get on board with this pricing strategy. $49 versus $39 is a big difference to many gamer’s wallets (including this one). You can bet I’m pre-ordering Black at this price.

via EvilAvatar

Half-Life 2 Episode 2 confirmed

Posted in Games,Gaming,Next,PC by Shawn Wallace on 22 2006f February 2006

No sooner does the truth come out about Half-Life 2 Episode 1, Episode 2 is confirmed over at Computer and Video Games. Here’s a snippet, right up your alley:

“Episode One will not end with an all-encompassing conclusion”, he said, comparing it to Half-Life 2’s less-than-cut-and-dry denouement. He also preemptively addressed any fears that the series will stray from its roots, saying Valve has “to be considerate to our audience in terms of giving them what they want.”

Thanks GameSpot for the scoop.

Welcome to the new Gamingnext

Posted in Blog by Shawn Wallace on 22 2006f February 2006

So, what does it all mean? Where are we going? Is it necessary to look at where we’ve been?

To all of those questions… maybe. :) The new Gamingnext will still have game reviews, so that funky fresh, slightly acidic style you’ve come to know and love will still be here. But, our main focus will shift to upcoming game releases, new tech, new gadgets, new peripherals, and the like.

Thanks for stopping by. We’ve ripped your ticket. Hop on the roller coaster please… we’re about to take a ride.