Review: Doom 3 (Xbox)

Posted in Action,Reviews,Xbox by Shawn Wallace on 26 2005f April 2005

Although some hardcore fans may disagree, the original Doom on Playstation is really what got gamers interested in first-person shooters (FPS). First person shooters were already popular on PC with Castle Wolfenstein 3D and Doom after that, but when Doom hit the console in the mid 90’s that’s when things changed. Since then, there have been many incarnations of the first-person shooter from the likes of Duke Nuke Em’, Goldeneye, Halo, Deus Ex and Chronicles of Riddick, each FPS has outdone the previous. Now does Doom 3, one of the originators of the FPS genre bring anything new to the table? Not necessarily.



Review: Jade Empire (Xbox)

Posted in Reviews,RPG,Xbox by Shawn Wallace on 25 2005f April 2005

It’s been in development for years and it’s been talked about even longer. Most gamers were sick of seeing that same trailer over and over again wishing the game would just come out. Well, Jade Empire is finally here and next to the Final Fantasy series has the potential to be one of the best role playing games ever.


Review: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (GBA)

Posted in GBA,Reviews,RPG by Shawn Wallace on 21 2005f April 2005

The Minish Cap is a 2D adventure on today’s hardware and, frankly, I can think of few other RPG titles that even come close to the quality, fun factory, and sheer enormity “When it comes to classic gaming, you need look no further than The Legend of Zelda series. From the very beginning it has been synonomous with adventure, danger, innovation and just all around solid gameplay. From A Link to the Past to The Wind Waker, you can rarely go wrong with a Zelda game. The Minish Cap simply furthers this mantra, bringing an old-school style RPG to the GBA.


Review: Project Snowblind (PC)

Posted in Action,Gaming,PC,Reviews by Shawn Wallace on 7 2005f April 2005

Maybe you didn’t know this but Project: Snowblind started out as an expansion pack (and/or sequel) to Deus Ex and was going to be called Clan Wars. For whatever reason, this plan was veered away from and the game took on a life of its own. The game became Project: Snowblind and a Deus Ex-styled game made it to store shelves. Can Snowblind deliver a unique experience without being called Deux Ex 2?