Review: Untold Legends (PSP)

Posted in Gaming,PSP,Reviews,RPG by Shawn Wallace on 30 2005f March 2005

I can’t say for a fact what it is that draws gamers to simple hack and slash titles, but they seem to get alot of play. The most specific I can get as far as current titles are the ones from Snowblind Studios, such as the Champions series as well as the Baldur’s Gate series for consoles. Well, imagine if you could take the near mindless button mashing goodness of Diablo 2 with you wherever you went. You (almost) can. Untold Legends takes the level up/gather items RPG mindset, partners it with some fine graphics and slaps it on the PSP. The result? Read on.



Review: Star Wars Republic Commando (PC)

Posted in Action,Gaming,PC,Reviews by Shawn Wallace on 10 2005f March 2005

What with the massive popularity of squad-based shooters it was high time the Star Wars universe got its butt in gear. Enter Republic Commando. You take command of four highly trained clone commandos called Delta Squad. Your mission? The behind-the-scenes dirty work. Your crew has started and ended wars but the glory has always went to the Generals and Admirals. Can you lead Delta Squad and put the smack down on the bad guys?


Review: Brothers in Arms (Xbox)

Posted in Action,Reviews,Xbox by Shawn Wallace on 7 2005f March 2005

Gearbox software, a little known developer with its roots in porting games, explodes into the limelight with their first original title, Brothers in Arms.  Brothers in Arms is a tactical first person shooter which takes place in the initial days of the Omaha beach landing.  The game follows an elite group of paratroopers through 8 days of intense fighting across the countryside of Normandy.  The inclusion of squad commands and effective fire and maneuver tactics sets this title ahead of the competition to produce something entirely unique, original, and satisfying.


Review: Painkiller Battle Out of Hell (PC)

Posted in Action,PC,Reviews by Shawn Wallace on 7 2005f March 2005

When Painkiller was released last year gamers flocked to its throwback style of run-and-gun gameplay. The gameplay movies released showed Painkiller getting vintage and leaning heavily on the Doom style of shoot ’em up. There was no hook to the game, only to say that the game’s hook was a lack of a hook, so to speak. PK was all about getting your enemy in your crosshairs and pulling the trigger faster than they did. So, when it was announed an official expansion would arrive for PK, titled Battle out of Hell, the masses rejoiced in the thought of more fun locales, enemies and weapons to deal out the destruction.

Could Battle Out of Hell live up to the hype generated by the massive fun machine that was Painkiller?