Review: Halo Combat Evolved (PC)

Posted in Action,PC,Reviews by Shawn Wallace on 3 2003f April 2003

Considering Halo for Windows is one of the most anticipated titles for the PC, possibly ever, I’ve taken great care in considering how I choose to present my review to you. One of the major factors is that the single player campaign for Halo on the PC is identical to the Xbox campaign, therefore a complete review of the single player would simply be a rehashing of old information, at least on the story and gameplay side of things.



Review: Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome (PC)

Posted in Action,PC,Reviews by Shawn Wallace on 2 2003f April 2003

The front is expanding!  Soldiers are being called out to join the war on the Italian front, venturing forth to do battle in the Italian and Sicilian campaigns of World War II.  Do you have what it takes to take the hills of Operation Husky and Monte Cassino?  Can you and your fellow soldiers fend off the Axis and lead the Allies to victory?  What’s more, can DICE and EA deliver, yet again, an immersive and satisfactory expansion to their ever-popular Battlefield 1942?  Read on to find out.